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Issue 7 / Week 4, Jan. 2019
DPES Sign & LED Expo China 2019

Guangzhou Black Eyes Logo Ltd
Booth No.: Hall 6, F04
Intelligent Signs

- Remote control, energy saving
- Data analysis, automatic inspection
- Authority management and data collection

Guangdong Doomax Advertising Co.,Ltd
Booth No.: Hall 5, E11
Dynamic Light Box

- Illusory scene created by projection technology
- Light and shadow of brand advertisements
- The whole channel is colorful without affecting

Guangzhou Hai Na Show Exhibit Co.,Ltd
Booth No.: Hall 6 VIP1
Act Fast Show

- Light and fast exhibition display equipment
- Quick and convenient to install
- Ultra-wide seamless picture production
- Wrinkle-free stretch cloth
- Durable, anti-UV, rainproof, washable and not easy to fade

Expomax(China) Advertising Display Limited
Booth No.: Hall 6, F30
Tube Banner Stand

- Expedite your banner stand setup time
- Make seamless and colorful picture, non-fading, washable and recyclable
- Transfer the picture to elastic cloth
- Use the industrial-size zipper for easy installation

Jiangmen Firefly Advertising Logo Products Co.,Ltd
Booth No.: Hall 5, E36-1
Brushed Titanium Gold Luminescent Character

- High-end precision seamless brushed titanium luminescent character
- Hand-made polished

Guangzhou O’Bang Sign Production Co.,Ltd
Booth No.: Hall 6, F03
Front and Bottom Glowing Beveled Mini-word

- Made of imported polymer materials
- Strong three-dimensional effect
- Beautiful appearance, exquisite, elegant and fashionable

Chuangxin Shidai Advertising Co., Ltd
Booth No.: Hall 6, F10
Stainless Steel Luminous Characters

- High brightness, energy saving & eco-friendly
- Easy installation and low maintenance cost
- Elegant, thick and beautiful

Booth No.: Hall 5, E03-2
Flexible Neon Sign for Guidance

- Used in advertising, outdoor contour decoration, interior fashion decoration, lighting, etc.

Dongguan Kedi Sign Co., Ltd
Booth No.: Hall 5, E18-1
Guide Signs, Signboards

- Guide signs used for guide, instruction, and publicity
- Signboards mainly for explanation and description
- Widely used in commercial areas, office buildings, exhibitions, public facilities and various venues

Booth No.: Hall 5, E43
Inflaming-resistant Sheet

- Quality standards: Q/TDQU01-2005, with Oxygen>30, transparent rate>90%, flame retardant grade V-0
- Environmental material

Qingyuan Daye Signage Co., Ltd
Booth No.: Hall 5, E24-1
Backlit Lettering Shell

- Stainless steel bending and polishing
- Built-in LED light source
- Laser-engraved into a glyph with acrylic
- Commonly used for door advertising signs, corporate background image wall letters, specialty stores and other places

Guangdong Meiqi Intelligent Display Technology Co., Ltd
Booth No.: Hall 5, E15
Parthenon Modern Cabinet

- Original patent versatile modern cabinet
- Top LED main light source
- 42 metal round tubes with 8 mm diameter
- Excellent stamping edge
- Hand-drawn acrylic laminates

Henan New State United Display Equipment Co., Ltd
Booth No.: Hall 5, E05
Open Bulletin Board

- Easy picture replacement with hydraulically open frame
- Installed with light source to make the picture perfect
- Screen guarded by high-intensity and endurable board
- Used in Parking lots, shopping malls

Shandong Ouwei Aluminum Material Co., Ltd
Booth No.: Hall 6, F38
Advertising Aluminum Profiles

- Main Profile: Aluminum Alloy Bright Sandblasting
- Panel: 4mm thick Endurance Plate
- Roof Plate: 6mm thick Sunshine Plate
- Back Plate: 1mm thick Galvanized Magnetic Steel Plate
- Foot Connecting Plate: 8mm thick Galvanized Steel Plate
- Hydraulic Support Rod, hardware connectors

Beston Display System Inc
Booth No.: Hall 5, E16
Floor Standing iPad Stand - IPS002F(Black)

- 360°rotation, horizontal and vertical orientation
- Home button exposed for customers to navigate through applications
- Secure Lock with keys on back

Guangzhou Jingdinuo Electronic Technology Company
Booth No.: Hall 6, F22
Floor Standing LED Advertising Kiosk

- Timing on-off function, looping & automatic play;
- Update and add the programs with USB. Copy and delete programs with remote controller

Huizhou Tianhong Paint Co., Ltd
Booth No.: Hall 6, F45
Advertising Paint

- Widely used in the advertising sign industry, aluminum sheet, galvanized sheet, stainless steel, glass steel, ABS, PVC, acrylic, plastic, etc.

Sanjie Aluminum
Booth No.: Hall 5, E03
Special Light Box Bending

- For column material, advertising stereo display Used in airports, stations, large supermarkets, etc.

Please be noted that visitors DON'T need to pre-register. Please bring your business card to exchange a badge at the registration center free of charge.
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